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Find Your Fire

That was the title of the first ever class I taught at the end of my first Yoga Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga.

I often fondly come back to that title and feel like I really did find my fire from that training.

By fire, I mean the ability to access my inner wisdom, finding my truth and finding my voice properly for the first time.

I had very much hid myself and my inner light for a long time under layers of trauma.

I believe most people who know the past versions of me (ages 15 - 30) would say I was shy, very quiet, possibly a little louder if you knew me better or I was fuelled by alcohol. But overall I hadn't much to say of anything. Didn't have any passions really. Often in my own head. Worked a lot.

No one really knew me deeply not even partners. I didn't, so how was anyone else supposed to?!

Once my fire had been reignited, it then exploded into this crazy beautiful new chapter of my life.

I never imagined I would find my self confidence.

I never imagined that I would find these magical yurts to teach in.

I never imagined I would go on to do several more trainings to further my understanding.

And I most certainly didn't think I would create my own unique classes, one's I'd never even come across.

I never imagined I would heal.

I let the previous versions of me go as well as old friends who I didn't relate to anymore.

I have found myself feeling happy! I have more joy and freedom, increased strength and capacity and a greater sense of peace and fulfilment.

True deep friendships in my life have formed. I have started to find my people.

This is now me and everything I know and believe to be my truth.

(At least for now as we are of course forever evolving...)

A life lesson I have very much learnt:

Don't be surprised how quickly the universe moves once you have decided that you want to heal and do better for yourself.

It has been waiting.

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